Something Beautiful for God  
Kannada and Tulu Margam   
Telugu and Hindi Margam  
Ayodhya to Golgotha  
Chidambaram to Calvary  
In The Name of All Gods 
Shri Laludeva 
Shri Ram 
Maria Rafola 
Asatoma Satgamaya 
"Something Beautiful for God"
Based on the History of Salvation and the life of Christ. Music by the well-known Guru Kubernath Tanjorkar and the choreographyunder his guidance.
This second margam ( a full dance recital ) presents Christian themes from the Acts of the Apostles. Music by the well-known Prof.C.V.Chandrashekhar and the choreography under his guidance. 

A full programme based on the Sanskrit epic written by Prof.P.C.Devasia on The Life of Christ. Music by the well-known Prof.C.V.Chandrashekhar and the choreography under his guidance. 

"Kannada and Tulu Margam"
Music by Guru Mohanraj and P.H.Subramanian. 

"Telugu and Hindi Margam"
Music by Guru Bhagavatar and P.H.Subramanian.  

"Ayodhya To Golgotha"
Recital based on Lord Rama & Lord Jesus. 

"Chidambaram to Calvary"
Recital based on Lord Siva & Lord Christ.  

"In the Name of All Gods"
Recital on major Religions of the World. 

Based on the Canticle of the Sun by St.Francis of Assisi, this performance is in praise of the Sun and the Creator of the Sun, the most powerful Lord and Creator.  

Duration : 30 minutes - Performed by Five Dancers 

Preethinrityeshwar is based on the life of Jesus Christ. In the above ballet the choreographer, Dr.Francis Barboza svd has conceived Jesus as the Lord of the Dance of Love. The birth, life, mission, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus is described and demonstrated through the medium of dance. Preethinrityeshwar is the synthesis of Christianity and Indian Dance. The divine altar where culture, religion, man, nature and God meet in the rhapsody of love. 

Duration: 3 Segments of 45 minutes each - Performed by Nine Dancers 

A Ballet based on the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. 

Duration: 30 minutes - Performed by Nine Dancers 

"Shri Laludeva" 
A short ballet on the life and activity of Shri Laludeva, a Sindhi Deity. 

Duration: 20 minutes - Performed by Seven Dancers 

"Shri Ram" 
Based on the song of poet Tulsidas on Shri Ram. 

Duration: 20 minutes - Performed by Seven Dancers 

"Maria Rafola" 
A Ballet based on the life of Maria Rafola, a nun from Spain who worked for the poor and sick. 

Duration: 110 minutes - Performed by Thirteen Dancers 

"Asatoma Satgamaya"
A Ballet based on human search for God - the Ultimate Truth.  

Asatoma Satgamaya (From Falsehood lead me unto Truth) is a search within humanity and beyond for the ultimate Reality. From time immemorial, humans have searched for the ultimate Reality both within and beyond. In ancient times Powers of the nature were worshipped by them considering those to be the Ultimate - Once nature's complex powers were understood by them, their search leades them beyond. That reality of the beyond takes them to the discovery of the Mysteries in their inner self. This search and experience emanates in the forms of variours religions like, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, etc. This search that was to lead humans to the Ultimate has got masked in the chains of fanaticism, intolerance, self-righteousness and narrow vision. Now, oh, Human What next? Unmask yourself ... go beyond the boundaries of Religions and there, you will find one religion ... one humanity ... one God ... the Ultimate.  

Duration: 100 minutes - Performed by Seventeen Dancers